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Prayer Partnership

  • Commit to pray for the local pastors, leaders and emerging leaders that we are partnering with, for God’s anointing to rest on them, for their families and marriages, for protection and direction as they serve in areas that are involved in a lot of witch craft and demonic activities. Pray for favor among the people they are working with and for the Holy Spirit to guide them as they teach and disciple new believers.
  • Commit to pray for the school staff and the students; pray for the staff for God to continue to strengthen them in the knowledge of His Word and His will, so that they can teach the students the same principles.
  • Pray for the students for the Word of God that is planted in their hearts to be planted in good soil that would produce fruit that would last.
  • Commit to pray for our safety, protection, direction and wisdom as we teach and partner with the local believers. Pray especially for God to how us the open doors where He is at work and wants us to be involved, and to clearly shut the doors/areas where is not his will or timing.
  • Pray for the peace of the nation.

Faala Village Outreach Center

Our Faala Village Outreach Center is going to provide a place for ministry in the community and children outreach programs as well as serve as a location where leaders from all over Gambia can come to be refreshed and ministered to through empowering marriage seminars and leadership training.

We need to finish the building with windows, bathrooms, floor tiles, and painting:

  • 6 windows @ $ 100 each
  • 2 toilets @ $125 each
  • 2 sinks @ $100 each
  • Plumbing materials and labor – $ 300
  • Tiles- $ 700
  • Paint- $ 300
  • Painters – $ 200

Scholarship Fund

In order to have an influence in our students’ lives and continue to disciple them even after they graduate from Grade 9 and move on to go to High School and College, we would like to implement a scholarship program that would help them to continue their education. We would also bring them back to our school to volunteer and mentor the younger students.


  • High school scholarship is $ 750 per child/year (3 years of high school)
  • Collage education $ 2000/student/year (3-4 years of collage)

Church Planting

Our vision is to be able to plant 10 churches in the next 5 years in different villages throughout Gambia.


  • Purchase Land – $ 2000
  • Building structure – $ 6000
  • To support a full time pastor – $ 150/month

Medical and Dental Outreach

Medical and dental outreach for the students at the school, their immediate families and the pastors and leaders we are partnering with.

  • Dental work -$100/person
  • Medical – $ 50/visit for a general check up; medications to be determined.

If you are feeling called to partner with us, contact Shared Blessings today at


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