Shared Blessings began operating formally in 2002 with the dedicated financial support of individual donors committed to serving the people in The Gambia.


Sol Bah traveled back to Gambia and located 1.3 acres available for purchase in Lamin. Within a few months God blessed them with the money to pay for the property and preparation began to build a facility with the ability to provide Christian-based education, teach the Gospel, and provide minor medical care, as well as food to the children in the Lamin village.


Shared Blessings Inc. was established in JuneĀ 2002 and registered as a 501C3 ministry to further develop the scope of this ministry and provide opportunities for the body of Christ to become involved and make a difference in this desperately hurting area of the world.


Shared Blessings builds a school in collaboration with volunteers from the United States. The school opened in September 2005 with 90 students and 12 people on staff.


Significant growth and accomplishments were realized with the expansion of the school increasing student capacity to 270.


God provided full funding allowing Sol and Manuela Bah to be full time Shared Blessings employees and be on site in The Gambia during the school year.


Emmanuel Mission Center operated at full capacity with 270 students and 15 full time staff.


In late 2012, work on a new foundation for the school expansion begun. Read more in the Current Projects section.

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