Financial Accountability

Shared Blessings is a 501-C3 nonprofit organization. The funds you entrust to us are prayerfully and responsibly managed.

When did Shared Blessings receive IRS Certification?
On October 9, 2002, the Internal Revenue Service issued a determination letter recognizing Shared Blessings as a 501-C3 organization.

What does being a 501-C3, tax-exempt organization mean?
The term “tax-exempt,” when used in reference to nonprofit organizations, generally refers to the net profits (proceeds over and above expenses) of an organization being exempt from federal and/or state income tax. While a nonprofit organization can be established by incorporating, the entity is not automatically tax-exempt upon creation with the state. Tax-exemption can usually be achieved only through applying for and receiving Internal Revenue Service (IRS) approval.

Are my donations tax deductible?
Yes-because we are a 501-C3 tax-exempt organization, your donation is fully deductible to the full amount allowed by law, however, please check with your tax preparer for specifics on your particular donation.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this ministry, you may contact Sol or Manuela Bah by email at:

Child Sponsorship Program
If you would like more information regarding the child sponsorship program, you may contact Sharon Frye by email at:

Donations for Shared Blessings may be sent to:
Shared Blessings
1400 NE 136th Ave, Suite 201
Vancouver, WA 98684

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