Board of Directors

David Austen (Treasurer)

Steve RosierSteve Rosier (Vice President)

During his career at Delta, Steve went to Mexico and Argentina various times to build homes and churches in poor communities. He’s been to The Gambia four times for the construction of a new school and added facilities.

Steve has served on church boards and committees to help facilitate the finances and operations of the organizations. He was on the finance committee in the construction of a $3.3 million new church facility.

Currently Steve works with “Servant Wings,” a non-profit organization, as the Chief Pilot. This group works to train young people to be missionary pilots. He is also involved with his son and his family in Argentina, as they are planting churches in the northern part of that country.

Steve currently serves on the missions committee of the church he attends, Grace Foursquare of Camas, WA.

Kristin BerquistKristin Berquist (Secretary)

Kristin Berquist is an administrative assistant to the Public Works Director for the City of Camas. Her skills include coordinating staff events, project management, contract management, editor of the City newsletter, and she oversees the administrative personnel for Public Works and the Mayor and City Administrator. She is the author and leader of the Facilitators Committee, a networking group for all of the administrative staff within the City of Camas.

Many of the people skills Kristin has developed were learned through raising David and Kristin’s two sons and Kristin’s five siblings, including 19 years of interacting with teenagers. Kristin has been an active member of her church since 1965 when she became a Christian. Her skills have included 25 years of teaching children Bible stories, leading women’s Bible studies, assisting in coordinating, decorating, and doing whatever was needed toward the hospitality aspect of events (including weddings), holiday decorations, Bible studies, retreats, home meetings. She thoroughly enjoys catching the vision for what can be done and then working to see that vision become a reality.

David BerquistDavid Berquist (Board Member)

Dave Berquist is a self-employed carpenter and dedicated father, husband, guardian, and grandfather whose heart has always been toward helping others. Residing first in Alaska, then in Washougal, Washington, he has been an active Christian for over forty years. He served many years as an elder and a Bible School teacher at Camas Christian Center and Billings Christian Center and as a board member and active member of Grace Foursquare Church in Camas. He has thoroughly enjoyed spending time doing mission-type projects both at home and in Mexico and Africa.

Stoian IankovStoian Iankov (Board Member)

Chris MartinChris Martin (Board Member)

Chris Martin runs Chris Martin Studios, a corporate storytelling studio that focuses on video production, photography and design services for small businesses and non-profit organizations. Chris is also an accomplished documentary filmmaker and photographer, having traveled to The Gambia, Africa as part of the mission team constructing a building consisting of the library and additional classrooms for Sharing Blessings. With a heart for missions and the people of The Gambia, Africa, Chris is looking forward to bringing more awareness to the work and vision of Shared Blessings.

Sol BahSulayman Bah (Chairman)

Manuela BahManuela Bah (President)


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